I WANT TO: Protect Against Anthelmintic Resistance

Reduce Your Use

The SmartWeight app works in tandem with The Cotter Crate, providing you with the average daily weight gain (ADG) of each lamb to track performance. This powerful tool allows you to choose to only dose the lambs that are performing poorly and actually need a dose. This cuts anthelmintic usage in half vs. blanket treating your flock, saving €170 for a 200 ewe flock every year.

Maintain Efficacy

Did you know - the difference between treating sheep with a fully effective anthelmintic and an anthelmintic that’s working at 85% is €9 per animal in terms of lost productivity and growth. This is why dosing by ADG works. You can reduce your anthelmintic usage while maintaining optimum animal performance. This will ensure that your anthelmintics continue to work which is essential for the economic viability of sheep farms worldwide.

Take The Guesswork out of Improving Lamb Performance

A lamb can have their average daily weight gain reduced by as much as 50% before they show clinical signs of ill health such as scouring. SmartWeight provides the ADG of each lamb, allowing you to quickly identify and dose these lambs, thus optimizing weight gain and lamb performance.

Prevent Resistance

Anthelmintic resistance is a huge issue facing the sheep industry. Resistance to all 5 classes of anthelmintics has been discovered and if not addressed, it will put the entire sheep industry at risk due to being unable to control these parasites. UK studies have demonstrated that if worm control is ineffective, it takes almost 3 times longer for a lamb to put on the same amount of weight. By reducing the use of anthelmintics, you will help safeguard the effectiveness of these important anthelmintics which is crucial for the economic viability of your farm and millions of farms worldwide.

Make Life Easy

With a COTTER CRATE & SmartWeight on your farm, you will address anthelmintic resistance on your farm which will prevent production losses, increase lamb growth performance and crucially, you will safeguard the effectiveness of your farm anthelmintics, making your farm more profitable and viable both now and for future generations.




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