I WANT TO: Make Lamb Handling Easier

Zero Backache

Conventional methods and our competitors require you to bend over/lift the animal which can be equal to lifting 4ton of lambs on a 200-flock size farm. With The Cotter Crate, there's none of that. We take all the backache of lamb handling, saving your back, and time/money otherwise spent on physio.

Utmost Comfort for Operator and Animal

THE COTTER CRATE is the only system in the world that holds the lamb under its own weight at operator height, keeping the animal comfortable and secure. The easily adjustable legs mean the crate can be fixed to suit anyone, making handling lambs safe, easy and enjoyable for any farmer.

Easy Handling, No Matter Age

With a COTTER CRATE your dosing will be made easy and simple, period. Our system is no-nonsense, ergonomic and easily operated by anyone, regardless of age or ability. 5 minutes of practice and you'll be doing 350 lambs/hour in no time.

More Enjoyable Lamb Handling

In a recent survey on 535 of Irelands Sheep Farmers, 77% said it would be easier to get labour if the job could be done quicker and more easily. With The Cotter Crate, this is possible, making handling lambs a task that more can get involved in and enjoy doing.

Makes Life Easy

46% of Irish sheep farmers experience lower back injury and handling lambs is a physically demanding task that hasn't been made any easier, until now. With a COTTER CRATE on your farm, you will reduce back strain, you will have stress-free lamb handling and you can continue to enjoy farming for longer, making life as a sheep farmer more enjoyable and viable for young and old, and for current and future generations.




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