I WANT TO: Have Faster Lamb Handling

50% faster handling

With THE COTTER CRATE, you can comfortably dose 350 lambs/hr with a single dose, twice as many vs. conventional systems

Ergonomic and Efficient

THE COTTER CRATE is the only system in the world that holds the lamb under its own weight at operator height, cutting out time and effort spent catching and lifting lambs in conventional systems. 

Everything Done In One Handling

With THE COTTER CRATE, you can dose 180 lambs/hr when doing four treatments. This means vaccination, worm dosing, vit & mins and ectofly/click can all be applied in one handling because its so fast and easy.

More Productive and More Profitable

With THE COTTER CRATE, you can save time on handling and reduce labour costs, all while maintaining optimum animal thrive and performance

Makes Life Easy

With a COTTER CRATE on your farm, you will be more efficient, you will get everything done at each handling and you can handle your lambs less often, freeing up time and energy for the important things in life.




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