I WANT TO: Easily Weigh My Lambs & Improve Performance

Farmer Friendly, Easy-to-use

The SmartWeight mobile app provides you with the weight of each individual lamb while the lamb is in The Cotter Crate. Average Daily Weight Gain (ADG) is also provided. This section displays the lamb's growth rate, and is either green or red, indicating how each lamb is currently performing. 

Take The Guesswork out of Improving Lamb Performance

Did you know - A lamb can have their average daily weight gain reduced by as much as 50% before they show clinical signs of ill health such as scouring. SmartWeight provides the ADG of each lamb, allowing you to quickly identify and dose these lambs, thus optimizing weight gain and lamb performance.

Dose by Average Daily Weight Gain

With SmartWeight, you can see ADG in real-time. This means you can selectively dose your lambs instead of blanket treating the flock. Thus you can choose to only dose the lambs that are performing poorly and actually need a dose. Dosing based on ADG cuts wormer dose usage by 50% with no difference in animal performance vs. blanket treating the whole flock, saving €170 for a 200 ewe flock every year.


This is why dosing based on ADG works. You can reduce your anthelmintic usage while maintaining optimium animal performance and profit. 

No Weigh-head Required

By utilizing the power of your smartphone, we save you €1000 - 2000 in buying a weigh head that provides the lamb's weight and average daily weight gain. In addition, there's no monthly subscription or yearly payment required.

Make Life Easy

With a COTTER CRATE & SmartWeight on your farm, you will have easy lamb weighing, you will improve lamb performance and you will have healthier, happier and heavier lambsmaking your farm more productive, profitable, and viable.




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