I WANT TO: Dose Lambs Easier & More Accurately

Effortless Vaccination and Dosing

With THE COTTER CRATE, the lamb is comfortably held and retained at operator height in the system's unique v-shaped wedge, making dosing lambs quick and easy.

Do It Once & Do It Right

With THE COTTER CRATE, you can do everything you need to do because its so fast and easy, and you can do it correctly. Your hands are free and you're in an upright position, so you can easily and effectively dose your lambs right every single time, thus maximising your dosing efforts.

Less Antibiotics, More Vaccines

A significant barrier to vaccination in sheep farming is the difficulty in vaccinating small lambs. With THE COTTER CRATE you can quickly and easily administer vaccines. This will protect your lambs from disease, leading to reduced lamb mortality, reduced antibiotic costs and better farm profitability.

Be More Sustainable

With THE COTTER CRATE, you can increase vaccination use, and as a result, reduce your antibiotic usage. This will help address the growing problem of antibiotic resistance (AMR). By reducing use, you are helping safeguard these important drugs for the humans and animals that need them.

Make Life Easy

With a COTTER CRATE on your farm, you will have easy dosing and vaccination, you will get everything done correctly at each handling and you will have healthier lambs with better thrivemaking your farm more profitable and viable both now and in the future.




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