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Cotter Agritech Limited was founded by brothers Jack and Nick Cotter in 2019. We use our experience and extensive domain knowledge to develop and commercialize smart, innovative, and accessible solutions for sheep farmers worldwide. Our products include the multi-award-winning Cotter Crate and SmartWeight, our farmer-friendly weighing software. These products work in tandem with each other as a full lamb handling system.


The Cotter Crate and SmartWeight are the first of a number of novel and inventive ideas and technologies we will introduce to Sheep Farming. R&D is an integral part of our business as we strive to develop the easiest-to-use, smartest, and most cost-effective and accessible agritech available to sheep farmers.


Our fundamental aim is to make life easy. We are in the business of preserving our customer's social licence by allowing them to do things in a better way, making their business more productive, more profitable, more viable, more sustainable, and more environmentally friendly. 

Cotter Agritech began on the Cotter's family farm that Jack and Nick grew up on in Abbeyfeale, Limerick. During the summer of 2016, the brothers and their father Nicholas were handling their lambs to give them their first vaccination after lambing season. However, the trio were finding it quite difficult to dose their lambs in the race in their sheep handling shed. Dosing lambs in a regular race involves trying to catch the lamb and hold them between your legs while you attempt to give the lamb a dose. 

They were finding that it was taking all day to handle their lambs, required 4-5 people to get all the jobs done that they wanted to get done, and it was incredibly difficult and physically demanding work. The brothers thought that there had to be an easier way to handle their lambs and out of necessity, they invented the first Cotter Crate.

This crate was tested and refined over the following 3 years on thousands of lambs, with necessary changes being made along the way to make the crate a highly efficient and ergonomic machine for handling lambs. In January 2019, a lightbulb came to Jack about the potential commercial opportunity of the system. Jack discussed the idea with Nick and the decision was made to apply for the Enterprise Ireland Innovation Arena in order to show the crate to the public for the first time.

The Cotter Crate received an astonishing response at the Ploughing in 2019, winning Best Agri-Engineering Start-up and Best Overall Start-up at the Enterprise Ireland Innovation Arena Awards. Delegates from the USA, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia were impressed by the brother's invention and professional presentation, as were hundreds of Irish farmers who were intrigued and full of praise over the 3 days of the exhibition in Carlow.


The brothers followed up their success at the ploughing, winning the prestigious Engineers Ireland Student Innovator of The Year 2019 award, beating out 4 other student teams in the highly competitive national final in Dogpatch Labs, Dublin. This award win garnered international attention, with the brothers featured on NASDAQ and Cotter Agritech being named as 'One of Seven Agritech and Food Start-ups Revolutionising The World of Farming' by Silicon Republic.




The brothers share a common vision of making Cotter Agritech the global leader in agritech for the Sheep Farming Sector. Jack's talented skillset includes agri-engineering, product design, and product development, supported by degrees in Agricultural Engineering, Agricultural Mechanisation, and is currently completing a BEng in Process and Management Engineering in Limerick Institute of Technology. Nick brings his talents in project management, sales, marketing, and communications to the team, and is currently studying Law and Business in UCC on a Quercus Innovation/Entrepreneurship Scholarship. The brothers combine their skillsets with their near 10 years of entrepreneurial experience together to lead Cotter Agritech as CEO (Nick) and CTO (Jack).

With Cotter Agritech, you can expect proficient, dedicated, and friendly service; unrivaled expertise in sheep farming and animal husbandry; and intelligent, cost effective and easy-to-use solutions that make your farm more productive, profitable, sustainable and environmentally friendly. In short, whether you have 50 sheep or 5000 sheep, we make life easy as a sheep farmer, making your farm more viable, now and for future generations.




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